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mayumi yamase

Mayumi Yamase "Book of..."

Mayumi Yamase "Book of..."

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 Mayumi Yamase

"Book of ...", the first art book by Mayumi Yamase.

The book features Yamase's latest works to be exhibited in her upcoming solo show, "The Elephant in the Room'' at Lurf MUSEUM, which will be open to the public from September 16th, 2022. The book will also feature a variety of works from Yamase's career, from her school days through more recent years as well as photographs of her past exhibitions are also featured in the book. Yamase's inspirations and her creative process are revealed through her casual snapshots of her daily life. Four contributors have shared their stories and experiences with the artist, which provide unique narratives that reveal the essence of Yamase's oeuvre. Mayumi





Title: Book of...

Author: Mayumi Yamase

Contributors: Ari Okubo, Maki Ishii, Kunichi Nomura, Chiaki Noji

Editing: Shiho Nakamura

Translated by Saya Oshima

Photo: Satomi Yamauchi

Design: Hidenori Matsuoka

[Publisher: Hidden Champion Co., Ltd.

Size: W220 x H280mm

Number of pages: 184 pages

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